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Case of the Month

Before and after images of interesting orthopaedic hand cases.

Joint Replacement
Successful PIP finger joint replacement in the right hand.
Trigger Finger
People often ask me how big the cut is and where is it located

As you can see it is really tiny and the operation is almost always done under local anaesthetic with some conscious sedation

Day 3 after Trigger finger surgery to
middle finger

 Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
The black arrow clearly shows where the nerve suddenly becomes much narrower and changes to a purple colour. Very severe carpal tunnel

This incision is longer than normal to be sure the nerve is fully released.

A standard incision is 3 cm and does not cross the wrist crease. A lot of people ask me how big the scar is. Almost always done under local anaesthetic with a touch of sedation

If your thumb muscles get wasted and flat (right hand of right picture) then you’ve left it way too long!!

Severe Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
Normal Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
Awaiting Surgery
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