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Testimonials from some of Handdoc’s happy patients who’ve undergone hand surgery from Prof Michael Solomons. 

Dear Dr Michael Solomons

I wish to thank you for the surgery you performed on me on 28 April 2020. It was a carpal tunnel op and the removal of an extremely painful ganglion (right hand). I am privileged and grateful to have been able to have the surgery in spite of the lockdown in force at the time.

I wish also to thank you for the extremely generous reduction in your fee. James and I are very grateful to have benefitted from this considerable windfall.

The operation has made a difference to my life already. I am regaining the functioning of my fingers and I am |able to do things that my fingers were refusing to do previously; simple things such as pegging clothes on the washline, pressing buttons and light switches, turning the switches on my stove.

One of the things I thought I would do during the lockdown was to make a handstitched patchwork quilt from all the bits and pieces of fabric accumulated over the years. But I found I was unable even to hold a needle, let alone thread it or stitch with it. Now I have started a quilt, using the sewing to make my fingers work, however clumsily at times, and it is such good creative therapy, both physically and mentally. I am also able to lift heavier things and make my hand and wrist work.

Once again, thank you. Everyone says you are the best, and I can heartily endorse that.

Jill Gribble.

You transformed my life with amazing surgery. Thank you.

Ari Leibovitz

Dear Prof M Solomons, Shafeeqah

We as a family received exceptionally good , professional service and treatment at your practice. We appreciate Professor Solomons’s professional advice, opinion and referral wrt Joel’s forearm fracture treatment.

We are very grateful to have been referred to you and your practice by Sr Kathy Troost.

Being in retail Pharmacy, I have referred a few patients to your practice on Sr Kathy Troost’s advice and recommendation.

In closing… Shafeeqah is one of the most poised, professional, patient and extremely efficient PA’s , I/ we have experienced and come across in a long time. Shafeeqah truly deserves praise and recognition for the very professional, efficient manner in which she deals with Professor Solomons’ patients. She is a force to be reckoned with in the work force for sure!

We were very satisfied with the service and treatment received at your practice Sir. Continue the good work and service! You are the professional , experienced persons and practitioners our health system needs so desperately!

Yours truly
Colleen, Corne and Joel Du Plooy

Excellent surgeon. Clear in his explanations, knows what needs to be done, empathetic. Dr Solomons made my non functional wrist functional again. I highly recommend.

Sheila McCarthy

The really great news for anyone who has a really painful thumb joint thanks to arthritis destroying the cartlidge, is that it can be fixed. A diagnosis by Prof Solomons found that cortizone injections- of which I had had a few- could no longer help to reduce pain in my right thumb caused by bone rubbing against bone. He suggested a “touch” prothesis – a bit like a hip replacement, for my thumb. I was very nervous about surgery – what if there was a slip of the knife and I lost the use of my thumb? Well I need not have worried. I was sedated just after lunch, slept through the surgery and went home early evening. Apart from the post op pain that lasted for a few hours, I have had no pain at all and within a five days was out of bandages and wearing a splint. Ten days later I had 50% use of my thumb and a few days after that I was back in action allbeit after a warning from the Prof not to “bully” my wounds, Fifteen days later I have the full use of my thumb and no pain at all. It’s the first time in years that I have not had a sore thumb joint; what a pleasure. Heartfelt thanks to Prof Solomons and receptionist Shafeeqah who was at all times polite, informed, courteous and helpful. I cannot recommend them or the proceedure more highly.

Evelyn John Holtzhausen

Prof Solomon is very professional at what he does, his explanation of the operation was explained detail to detail, my wrist has healed, no pain, and I would recommend Prof Solomon to anyone, extremely happy

Jenny Mackay

Dear Prof Solomons,

In 2014 you repaired both my thumbs (I think the procedure is the “Burton-Pellegrini”) and no, this is not a demand for damages arising from negligence on your part; instead it is a letter of thanks. In the 16 odd years since you worked on my thumbs I have probably worked more, and harder, with my hands than most men do in a lifetime and I have never even had a twinge of pain from either. I have had many ops to various parts of my body- hands, shoulders, elbows, femur, knee- but only those performed by you have been so successful that I can truly say that my hands are as God made them. Thank you.

I cycle with [name redacted] and take great pleasure in asking him why he did not achieve the same results with the new knee he gave me as you achieved with my hands; he just smiles!

Yours sincerely,

Dear Prof Solomons,

I cannot express how grateful I am that I was referred to you by Dr Andrew Golding. The experience I have had with you and your team has been nothing but exceptional professionalism and kindness. My thumb is healing so very quickly with the right advice in exercises and the amazing touch joint that slowly but surely every day is working better and better. I cannot believe that three weeks post-op my thumb is working free of pain.

If there is ever a patient who needs a recommendation on this operation I can only say Yes Yes Yes on one condition that it is with you and your team at the Hand Clinic.

My sincerest thanks to you all.

Warmest Regards


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